Web & SMS Services for Entitlement functions

Our Services

The Web & SMS based services is an initiative by Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India to provide a one-stop solution to the employees of Government of Assam for the Entitlement functions discharged by this office. Services for various classes of stakeholders
GPF subscribers
   1. View & Download Annual GPF Statement;
   2. View Missing Credits/Debits & Upload collateral evidences for clearance
   3. View & Download Final Payment Authority
   4. View & Download Non Refundable Authority (NRA)
   5. SMS alerts for monthly GPF credits & debits
   6. SMS alerts after issue of GPF Final payment authorities
   1. View & Download PPO/GPO/CPO authorities
Payslip holder Gazetted Officers
   1. View & Download Pay slips
   2. View & Download Leave Account
   3. View & Download Service Details.
   4. SMS alert after issue of pay slips
For DDOs and Pension Sanctioning Authorities
   1. Upload GPF Final Payment Sanction (FPA)
   2. Upload Pension applications